You must consider you natural physiology when deciding what nutrition or fitness strategy is best for you. The 3 types are:

1. Endomorph: Naturally large and powerful (strong man body type).

2. Mesomorph: Naturally lean and athletic (fighter's body type).

3. Ectomorphic: Naturally lean and weak ("hardgainer" body type).

This website is dedicated to helping you and all other men and women of all ages to understand healthy habits and what it really takes to get into shape. As with all things, "knowing the first step, is taking it." I'm here to help you take these first steps by providing you with only the most up to date and proven information. Anything I discuss in this website is for your benefit and either has extensive scientific proof behind it or has been tested by myself personally. Following is a little of my background information.

I've been fat. I've been skinny. I've been ripped... And I can tell you that being ripped is favorable by far.

My story begins with me being incredibly overweight. When I got my first PlayStation 2, everything went downhill quick. With a family sized bag of nachos on either side of me, I would play video games for 8 hours a day. I was morbidly obese in less than a year.

After being bullied for my size throughout my education and into the workplace, I finally snapped one day. I decided in a single moment to change my life immediately. While some people may think this was a good decision, it was not. In the moment when I "snapped" like a Jazz Band Conductor, I instantly became aneaorxic. Over the course of the next year, I dropped 80+ pounds in fat AND muscle. I was near death from starvation in just 2014.

After an intervention had been hosted for me, my ways successfully changed again, and this time my habits were much healthier. Over the next year I managed to put on 50+ lbs of muscle. All I required was the right education and the right knowledge. I wasn't able to take the first step towards and lean and healthy body until I knew what that step was. In fitness, knowledge is key. Here I will share with you everything I know and have experienced in hopes that you can benefit.

Stay healthy my friend,

Joshua Hudson

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ANYONE can have a great body. You just have to know where to start.